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audio-256x256The Oleg Milshteyn Collection of Audio Interviews

In 1993 and 1994, Russian Olympic historian Oleg Milshteyn traveled the world interviewing people involved in the Olympic Movement. His interview subjects included athletes, coaches and trainers, IOC members, scholars and researchers, journalists, business and marketing employees and many more. In 2012, Professor Milshteyn donated his collection of interview tapes to the ISOH with the hope that they could be made available to other Olympic scholars and enthusiasts. We have converted his tapes to digital formats and now share them with the public. All interviews are in English. Click on a name for more details. Approximate run times are shown in ( ).

Adefope, Henry Edmund Olufumi (1926-2012) (NGR) - Sports Administrator; IOC Member

Major General (Dr.) Olufumi served in various sporting positions in Nigeria including president of the Nigerian Olympic Committee and vice president of the Commonwealth Games Federation. He was elected a member of the IOC in 1985.

Amdur, Neil (USA) - Journalist

Amdur began as a sports reporter for (and eventually the sports editor of) the New York Times. He covered every Olympic Games for the Times from 1968 to 1984, in addition to reporting on the sports of tennis and football.

Barra, Luciano (ITA) - Sports Administrator

Currently Mr. Barra serves as General Director for Sport, Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).

Bergman, Manfred (ISR) - Philatelist

Manfred Bergman was the philatelic coordinator for the IOC Museum for many years, and has served as a distinguished FIP judge at numerous Olympic philatelic exhibitions.

Bolen, David (USA) - Athletics; Olympian

Dave competed at the 1948 London Olympic Games finishing fourth in the 400m event. He went on to serve as a U.S. Ambassador to East Germany and a number of African posts.

Boulter, John (GBR) - Olympian; Sports Marketing

Boulter participated in two Olympic Games as a member of the British Olympic Team in athletics. At the 1964 Tokyo Games, he ran the 800 meters placing 4th in his semi-finals heat. At Mexico City in 1968, Boulter ran the 1,500 meters finishing 9th, also in a semi-final heat. Worked with both Adidas and Reebok.

Carraro, Franco (ITA) - Sports Administrator; IOC Member

Carraro held a number of positions in the Italian football leagues including president of the Italian Football Federation. He was elected to the IOC in 1982.

Cioroslan, Dragomir (ROM) - Olympian; Sports Administrator

Cioroslan is a Romanian weightlifter who won a bronze medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Since 2006 he has been director international strategies and development for the USOC.

Cooley, John - Scholar

Cooley specializes in the sociology of youth sports with an emphasis on cross-national studies and socio-cultural elements. He believes that the current model is too focused on product rather than process. John’s philosophy encourages “sport for all,” fair play and good sportsmanship.


Davies, Catherine (CAN) - Journalist; Media Consultant

Davies is currently a senior industry media analyst for the sports media sector, specializing in soccer media rights in Europe and the Americas.

De Bondt, Guido (BEL) - Sports Administrator

Guido De Bondt served as Secretary General of the Belgian NOC from 1992 to 2014. He remains a member of the European Olympic Committees (EOC)’s Coordination Commission for the first European Games in 2015.

Diamond, Peter (USA) - Media Executive

A 14-time Emmy Award-winner, Peter C. Diamond serves as Senior Vice President, Programming, NBC Olympics, and is responsible for programming NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Games.

Dibos, Ivan (PER) - Sports Administrator; IOC Member

Mr. Dibos was extensively involved in sports administration in his native Peru before his election to the IOC in 1982. He currently serves on the IOC’s Radio and Televison Commission.

Di Centa, Manuela (ITA) - Olympian; IOC Member

Ms. Di Centa is an accomplished cross-country skier who has won 7 Olympic medals from 1992 to 1998. An IOC member from 1999 to 2010, she remains an Honorary Member of the IOC.

Filaretos, Nikos (1925-2007) (GRE) - IOC Member

An IOC Member from 1981 until 2006 when he became an Honorary Member of the IOC, Filaretos also served as Secretary General of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and President of the International Olympic Academy.

Fox, Jim (USA) - Media Executive

Fox, who directed the USOC’s broadcast marketing department, was the subject of a 1997 probe into the misuse of grants totaling in the millions of dollars while executive director of USA Boxing. Though never charged, Fox resigned his position at the USOC.

Gadir, Zein El Abdin Ahmed Abdel (SUD) - One-time IOC Member

General Gadir, an IOC Member from Sudan, was caught up in the 2002 Salt Lake City bid scandal and was subsequently expelled from the IOC.

Gold, Sir Arthur (1917-2002) (GBR) - Sports Administrator

Well known for his outspokenness on the subject of drug-taking by athletes, he believed that sports – and in particular the Olympics – should not compromise when it came to drug abuse. He also supported more strict eligibility rules for athletics and the Olympic Games.


Gorski, Mark (USA) - Olympian

Gorski competed at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games winning a gold medal in the individual sprint cycling event.

Hagmann, Pirjo (FIN) - Olympian, former IOC member

Hagmann, a 400-meter runner, participated in the 1972, 1976 and 1980 Olympics. In 1981 she was one of the first two female members elected to the IOC. She resigned from the IOC in 1999 in the wake of the Salt Lake City bribery scandal, although she denied any involvement.

Hite, Gary P. (USA) - VP Coca-Cola Company

Hite, vice president of international sports marketing for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, helped the IOC develop the TOP sponsorship program along with many other innovative Olympic marketing plans.



Homen, Carl-Olaf (FIN) - Sports Administrator

Homen is a Swedish-speaking Finnish attorney, sports administrator and a former Defense Minister of Finland. His sports background includes the presidency of the Finnish Sports Federation (2000-2003) and a member of the board of the IAAF.

Hybl, William (USA) - Sports Administrator

President Emeritus of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), Hybl served during 4 Olympic Games.

Imran, Tunku (MAS) - Sports Administrator

Prince Imran is president of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Jarvis, Frederick G. (1930-2015) (USA) - Journalist; Writer

Editor/publisher of The Winged Foot, the monthly magazine of the New York Athletic Club for 39 years.

Kearney, Jay T. (USA) – Sport Physiologist

Kearney is a Senior Performance Consultant for Leadership Services Group of Osprey Leadership Consulting, Inc. specializing in the area of elite performance serving Olympic level coaches and athletes.

Kelly, Jack (1945-2013) (USA) - Sports Administrator

Kelly was extensively involved as an organizer of the US Sports Festivals, Goodwill Games and sporting events for the handicapped.

Lennartz, Karl (1940-2014) (GER) - Scholar; ISOH President

Olympic and sports historian who was instrumental in the creation of the ISOH.

Ljungqvist, Prof. Arne (SWE) - Medical Doctor; IOC Member

Following his entry into the IOC in 1994, Ljungqvist rose to the position of chairman of the IOC’s Medical Commission and vice chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Miller, David (GBR) - Journalist; Writer

David has been a journalist at every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1972, and over a dozen World Cup football finals. He has also written books on various sports figures such as Sebastian Coe, Stanley Matthews and Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Page, Jim (USA) - Olympian; Sports Administrator

USA Fencing’s director of sports strategy until his retirement in 2012 following the London Olympic Games. Page competed in the Nordic Combined event at the 1964 Innsbruck Olympic Winter Games.

Pantano, Stefano (ITA) - Olympian

Pantano competed in the épée (fencing) events at the 1988 and 1992 Summer Olympics.

Parry, Jim (GBR) - Scholar

Parry is a senior lecturer in philosophy of education, sport and Olympism at the university level, and has served as chairman of the British Olympic Academy. Olympic education is his primary area of interest.

Pemberton, Gary (AUS) - Sports Administrator

Formerly chairman of Qantas, Pemberton served as one of seven commissioners to the Australian Rugby League Commission until his retirement in 2013. He was also instrumental during broadcast negotiations for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Pound, Richard (CAN)- Lawyer; IOC Member

A former swimmer, Pound is a lawyer in Canada (Queen’s Counsel) and served as chancellor of McGill University. Pound was elected a member of the IOC in 1972, was vice president from 1987-1991 and again from 1996-2000. A staunch advocate of strict drug testing for athletes, he is a former president of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Rossi-Mori, Bruno (ITA) – Sports Administrator

Author of a number of books on Italian sport, sportsmen and sports technicians.

Samaranch, Juan Antonio (1920-2010) (ESP) – IOC President

Businessman, diplomat and the longest serving president of the IOC from 1980 to 2001.

Schmidt, Beth (USA) - Journalist (print and television)

A reporter for Sports Illustrated magazine for three years, Schmidt then moved to ABC Sports to serve as their Director of Research.

Seizinger, Katja (GER) - Olympian

Very successful Alpine skier who competed at three Olympic Winter Games from 1992-1998, winning 3 gold medals and 2 bronze.

Semotiuk, Darwin (CAN) - Scholar

Semotiuk, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with degrees in physical education and kinesiology, has taught at the university level. He is also known for his work promoting the University Games.

Sibandze, David (SWZ) - One-time IOC Member

Sibandze was embroiled in the Salt Lake City 2002 scandal involving improper gifts given to IOC officials by the Salt Lake City bid committee. Mr. Sibandze resigned from the IOC in 1999.

Skinner, Jonty (RSA) - Swimmer; Coach

Skinner, a South African swimming world record-holder in the 100-meter freestyle, currently coaches at the University of Alabama.

Smith, John (USA) - Olympian, Athletics Coach

Smith won the gold in both the 400-meter and 4×400-meter relay at the 1971 Pan American Games in Cali, Colombia. Since retiring from competition, he works as a sprint coach, having trained Maurice Greene and Ato Boldon, among others.

Stankovic, Borislav (SRB) - Basketball Player/Coach; IOC Member

Involved at all levels of basketball from player to coach to administrator, Stankovic is frequently credited with encouraging European baskeball players to try out for the NBA. He has been an IOC Member since 1988.

Veracierto, Jose Vallarino (1920-2001) (URU) - Sports Administrator, IOC member

Before his election to the IOC in 1978, Mr. Vallarino held many positions in Uruguay’s sports institutions including serving as a member of its volleyball, swimming and football federations, as well as holding the presidency of the Uruguay Olympic Committee.

Verschoth, Anita (GER) - Journalist

Verschoth served as Sports Illustrated magazine’s resident expert on the Olympic Games having covered both the Summer and Winter Games beginning in 1964. Her particular areas of expertise are athletics and skiing.

Voy, Dr. Robert (USA) - Medical Doctor

Voy was a former chief medical officer of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and director of Sports Medicine in Science 1983-1989. Voy was responsible for the USOC’s drug testing program, but resigned in 1989 when he felt that the USOC wasn’t as serious as it should have been about stopping the use of drugs in sports. At the time of the interview, Voy was in private medical practice in sports and general medicine.

Warner, Jack (TRI) - Sports Administrator

Warner has been a member of FIFA since the 1980s.

Wigger, Lones (USA) - Olympian

Wigger was a member of the Olympic shooting team in 1964, 1968,1972 and 1980 winning two gold medals and a silver in Olympic competition.

Wilcox, Ralph (GBR) - Scholar

Wilcox’s area of specialization is sports history and comparative sports studies.

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