“History” and other stories from the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain

Rarely have I heard or read the phrase “wrote Olympic history“ so frequently as in the media coverage of the two and a half weeks in which Olympic Games […]

The Coubertin Family – a short history of a noble French family

This paper on the Coubertin family has been written for my children and grandchildren and eventually my brothers and sisters and their children […]

The Evolution of the Early Olympics*

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, an influential French aristocrat and historian, proposed a revival of the Ancient Olympic Games at a congress […]

“The Olympics? What Olympics?”*

The notion that the city of Detroit might have hosted the 1968 Olympic Games raises an intriguing hypothetical possibility. The iconic […]

Sport among Jewish people in Hungary*

In fact, the Hungarians had also until recently, been forced to fight for their identity and independence. Even the establishment of the […]

All Eyes on Atlanta*

When the Australian swim team travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete at the Centennial Olympic Games in July 1996, it was hailed by the media […]

Ricardo Saprissa*

Our star was born in San Salvador (El Salvador) on June 24th 1901 to Salvadorian nationalized Spanish parents (José Saprissa Llurá, businessman […]

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