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The following special articles have not been published in the Journal of Olympic History. We invite the public to view the articles by clicking the links.

The Evolution of the Early Olympics

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, an influential French aristocrat and historian, proposed a revival of the Ancient Olympic Games at a congress […]

“The Olympics? What Olympics?”

The notion that the city of Detroit might have hosted the 1968 Olympic Games raises an intriguing hypothetical possibility. The iconic […]

Sport among Jewish people in Hungary

In fact, the Hungarians had also until recently, been forced to fight for their identity and independence. Even the establishment of the […]

All Eyes on Atlanta

When the Australian swim team travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete at the Centennial Olympic Games in July 1996, it was hailed by the media […]

Ricardo Saprissa

Our star was born in San Salvador (El Salvador) on June 24th 1901 to Salvadorian nationalized Spanish parents (José Saprissa Llurá, businessman […]

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